Gunbot 5th Anniversary Tournament Champions Interview

Gunbot 5th Anniversary Crypto Gunbot tournament, we interview the champions.

Hi all folks, we interviewed the champions of the Gunbot 5th anniversary futures tournament. Let us find out how they can enlighten us of their wisdom.

Why did you choose Gunbot as your bot for trading crypto?.

WIT_2: I was searching over the internet for an automated bot with a “one purchase for lifetime license”. When you buy software, why should you pay over and over again? At that time, many bots on the market were by monthly subscription, but only Gunbot had this offer. And honestly, I don’t regret it!.

NIKSLOTER: I really can’t remember now how I found the gunbot. It was probably by chance. I was looking to do more proactive things with crypto that I could control after being burned by some scammers with rented bots.

XJ1-BF: I did choose Gunbot in 2017 to automate my trades because it offered a lifetime license without subscription but also because Gunbot allows me to fine-tune and even create new strategies.

CANI_FUTURES: The permanent license caught my attention.

LANA RHOADES: The overall options of the Gunbot eco-system, the licensing system, and the Customization of the software.


What’s the best feature for you of Gunbot bot?.

WIT_2: The best feature is Market Maker. Fully customizable works for Spot and Futures… All-in-one!

NIKSLOTER: Great customizations (autoconfig, custom strategies).

XJ1-BF: The possibility of having several instances of Gunbot on different exchanges with the same license and especially the pair-specific strategy option in Override settings.

CANI_FUTURES: For me, the constant updating and improvement of strategies and features of the bot.

LANA RHOADES: Market Maker and Auto config.


What strategy did you use?

WIT_2: For Futures, I used the MM Add-on along with ARS (AntiRekt Script from @Bestnaf), with a custom Ewo based strategy.

NIKSLOTER: A custom strategy that works in a similar manner as stepGridHybrid and stepGridHedge.

XJ1-BF: Moto and Elliot Waves with Market Maker Addon.

CANI_FUTURES: Market_Maker GRID bots strategy.

LANA RHOADES: Custom, utilizing MM and Auto Config parameters.


What wallet-size did you start in the tournament?.

WIT_2: 20,000 USDT as balance.

NIKSLOTER: Uh can’t recall what was the current wallet balance for the future. For spot, it was 2000USDT.

XJ1-BF: About 50,000 USDT.




What’s the feature you would like to be added to Gunbot?.

WIT_2: I would love to have additional API slots because we are limited to 5 currently with Ultimate (unfortunately I missed the Grandfather edition).

NIKSLOTER: It does need new features just bug fixes.

XJ1-BF:  A final version of Bitrage 😉 /boobs. More seriously, I’m dreaming of a PLN tracking module that is consistent with reality with the exchange and that does not zap the realized PNL of removed pairs.

CANI_FUTURES:  I dream of implementing interexchange arbitrage, and futures-spot arbitrage.

LANA RHOADES: More options for telegram notifications, margin levels, liquidation warnings.


What’s the most urgent need that needs to be Fixed or revamped?.

WIT_2: A custom delay for the config file backup (once a day for example) would be perfect.

NIKSLOTER: Well I know this was said many times, but getting the PNL page to give more accurate results would be great.

XJ1-BF: Uh… the current version works fine. Nothing urgent or critical for me but maybe a little more love for the mobile version?.

LANA RHOADES: Nothing for now.

CANI_FUTURES: Interexchange arbitrage, although I don’t know if that will be possible.


Are you using any special add-on?

WIT_2: Yes, I use Market Maker of course! And for Futures, I use Anti-Rekt Script (ARS), a separate add-on for Market Maker. Combined, they are very powerful and profitable!.


XJ1-BF: Yes, I’m using the ARS addon from @BestNaf.

LANA RHOADES: Market_Maker.

CANI_FUTURES: Yes, Anti Rekt Script.


What makes you decide to use an add-on for your Gunbot?.

WIT_2: I wanted to unlock all functionalities of Gunbot. Many people were using Market Maker with comfortable results, so I wanted to use it. For ARS, the customizable stop-loss is great wallet protection.

XJ1-BF: Because futures markets are dangerous and the ARS addon helps me to stay away from liquidation without having to check my bot every 5 minutes.

CANI_FUTURES: The peace of mind of not having to personally and constantly monitor or control risks since ARS is in charge of managing my risks.

LANA RHOADES: Control and flexibility.


Thanks for the interview folks, you rock!.

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