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Gunbot Crypto Trading Tournament Starts Now


Unprecedented Crypto Trading Tournament

For the first time in Crypto Trading bots History, a Gunbot Perpetual Tournament where you can Win USDT and Gunthy Prizes Every Month.

Gunthy LTD cordially invites you to join our June 2020 community competition with a total bounty of 10K in USDT and 40K in Gunthy Token shared with the best traders, Take Advantage of this never seen opportunity Now!

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tournament

This time you get to chose and have the opportunity to use 2 of the Top Exchanges from the Cryptocurrency trading industry Binance and Bitmex

Visit the Gunbot Permanent Tournament page for complete details https://tournament.gunthy.org/

What do you need to do to be a part of this unique opportunity?

1- You have to be a Gunbot Owner, otherwise, just Get your Gunbot Now

2- You need a Binance and/or BitMex account (DO NOT SIGN UNDER ANY REFERRAL LINK)

Sign up at Binance here https://www.binance.com/en

Sign up at BitMex here https://www.bitmex.com/

3-Set these 2 parameters in the GUI or thru your config file




 Go to our Elite Room on Telegram and let’s talk about it!

Your trades must be executed using Gunbot to qualify for the Tournament. Any manual trade you execute using their web interface will not count as valid for the Tournament. If you want to perform manual trades please use the Gunbot GUI.

Please Note: This Gunbot crypto trading tournament is dedicated and valid only to Binance Spot Trading and BitMEX and You must comply with any KYC rules dictated by the specific exchange/s of your choice.

Are you Ready to Become Gunbot’s Best Trader? Be the Top Trader of the Leading crypto trading bot in the industry!

Join Gunbot Perpetual Crypto Trading Tournament Now!



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