Gunbot News What Happened Last Month

The month ended and in our community, a lot of things are cooking behind the curtains, our Devs has been really busy taking care of the best money machine you can use for the crypto markets.

Gunbot News, What Happened Last Month

So here is a brief summary of what we have been up to.

Gunbot News

New Exchanges Added

Two New exchanges added to the Gunbot portfolio, bitGet, and Nash exchanges are now Official Gunbot Partners, we are in close contact with their teams to provide you the best integration possible.

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Gunbot Integrated Nash because can help you save on withdrawal fees

Centralized exchanges do a lot of money on withdrawal fees. With Nash, you can withdrawal with a 0% fee using their fiat ramp solution, Nash Cash!

Once your funds are deposited in the Nash trading channels, you can cash out through Nash Cash whenever you want.


Do you want to buy more crypto to add to your trading wallet? Purchases through Nash Cash are delivered directly to our trading channels for use on the Nash Exchange – meaning you spend nothing on transaction fees before you begin trading! Nash Cash purchases have a 0% transfer fee and delivered within one day.

Nash follows the maker/taker fee structure common to other exchanges:

  • Market makers, who place new limit orders on the order book, will pay no fee.
  • Market takers, whose market or limit orders match with orders already on the book, will pay a small fee.

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So as you can see in the table above rewarding high-volume users with lower fees – perfect for our Market_Maker!

And last but not least Nash Gunthy token is available in two markets, You can trade Gunthy / BTC and Gunthy / USDC.

As a gift to our beloved community, you can trade in Nash exchange any pair listed without the cost of a License slot.

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BitGet Exchange added to our exchange portfolio

Adding Value to our Existing Products and as part of our ever-growing enterprise, we’ve formed an alliance with BitGet, from now on every Gunbot License is granted the ability to Trade in BitGet with our awesome Market Maker bot, so if you want to test our lovely Market_Maker bot and their strategy variants you can do it in BitGet just now.

As a Gunbot user, you are encouraged to register through our partnership link because their API is not open to everyone to avoid some bad requests, but for users registered through our link, when you create your API key it will be on the whitelist directly and activated automatically.

Register at BitGet to get your API enabled!

We keep you updated about BitGet as more great Gunbot news keeps coming.

Gunbot News – Release Candidate of v20 stable 

Final Phase and Testing in our channels of the latest stable build with the flashy new GUI for the v20 version is ongoing, now it’s more “soon” than ever.

Several tweaks and fine-tuning the Bot that we Love for better User experience.

New Market_Maker Strategy called One Scalper, you’ll be able to read All about that new fancy strategy in the next Overview post!

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That’s all Folks, there you have your Gunbot News for last Month, stay tuned and happy gunbottin’


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