Gunbot News – What’s Happened This Week #25

Gunbot News – Whats been Happening Behind the Curtains This Week?

Hi all folks! This week at #Gunbot community we have been busy improving user experience and testing the new revamped BitRage GUI is born. In the meanwhile fine-tuning our lovely money machine and adding some features requested by our community.

Bitrage News

  • – New GUI born now using the css style and look and feel of core GUI.
  • – You can fully configure your Bitrage Arbritage bot directly from the GUI, all options *magically* will appear when you load a BR strategy in your licensed #bitRage bot.

below you can see several snapshots of the dashboard

Gunbot - Whats New This Week

Main Strategy configuration form

Gunbot News - What's Happened This Week #25 1

BR_Hedging strategy configuration form

Gunbot News - What's Happened This Week #25 2


Market Maker News

Almost no news is good news this week. Only a few touchup’s to improve user’s GUI experience and a little tinkering with GRID strategy to improve performance.


Gunbot News 

As the theme this week suggests, a lot of improvements have been made to improve the GUI’s performance, visuals and functionality for users including a refactoring of Trading Terminal in chart view.

On top of everything else, there have been improvements to the Core Engine improving on the bots overall speed!


Gunbot News - What's Happened This Week #25 3

figure above: Trading Terminal

figure below: GUI

Gunbot News - What's Happened This Week #25 4


That’s all the news for this week. C-U next week and happy Gunbottin’!

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Gunbot News - What's Happened This Week #25 7
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