Gunbot News – What’s New This Week #27

Gunbot News – What Happened behind the curtain this week?

Hi all folks, another week our devs have been busy developing a new strategy for our bots (WIP), and the usual fine-tuning of the user experience and tweaking the core engine of our lovely money machine. In the meanwhile seems Bitcoin is sideways forever and ever, but don’t go far away and watch closely the market.

Gunbot News,  features, and strategy (preview)

Soon (TM) you will be able to use our new feature that allows you to draw any pattern or add any supported indicator in your chart, and add a behavior to it, that’s a total game-changer as you will be able to create your strategies on the fly as the market is moving, you could draw 3 lines in the bottom and act as it’s your DCA strategy and see how they are executed the way you want.

gunbot news


bitRage News

  • – Refactor shown lines in the chart for bitRage.
  • – Fine-tuned process for triplets workflow.
  • – Added new Triplette performance monitor.


Market Makers News

  • – Added Position Size, Liquidation, and Average Entry Price to Dashboard in Margin exchange instance.

Gunbot News – What’s New This Week #27 1


Gunbot News

  • – Added all the floating windows panels (Trading Terminal, Orderbook & Open Orders) in chart view to our quick Side panel so you can focus on what’s important, your chart.

Gunbot News – What’s New This Week #27 2


  • – Nailed StochRsi indicator in Core.
  • – Make Sell at,  Buy at, STOP_LIMIT, and DU_BUYDOWN lines in chart draggable, allowing to enter, exit, or average in the best position.
  • – New Feature in Ping Pong strategy allows you to drag and move your entry/exit target directly from the chart view.


That’s all folks! Stay tuned next week.

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