Gunbot Strategy Overview – 1 Scalp

Gunbot Strategy Overview – 1 Scalp

Hi all folks!

Gunbot Strategy 1 Scalp is a new strategy that is really simple but highly effective it uses moving average (ma) in a short time period to scalp the market deciding when to enter Long or Short based on the Cross-up or Cross-down of the moving average of the last 99 candles.

Understanding Moving Average (MA and How is implemented in 1 Scalp

Moving average is a simple, technical analysis tool. Moving averages are usually calculated to identify the trend direction of a stock or to determine its support and resistance levels. It is a trend-followingor laggingindicator because it is based on past prices.

The strategy in Gunbot Market Maker uses 99 ma candles to determine when to enter the market (Long or Short), it only will enter in cross-up or cross-down depending the trend of the market, to close the position it uses Roe scalper specific method to set a stop order below ROE stop reached to effectively close the position as well as all our Market Maker bot strategies it will allow to DCA your position to average your entry price but in fact a lot of times there’s no need to do so as MA99 is a strong confirmation of the trend especially in 1H period in crypto.

As usually if cross-up or cross-down with the volume of the ma99 happens means there pump or dump in the market.

You only need to take into consideration one thing 1 Scalp doesn’t control Max open contracts so configure accordingly to your risk ratio, wallet size, and TRADING_LIMIT.

As well depending on the PERIOD the entries will be safer or risky so the longer the period the lagging of the indicator but the confirmation will be stronger, personally, I use 1 min period so as some false positive could appear recommend a long DCA buydown of at least 2%, the strategy was built with the idea to use the number “1” for the period’s value because represent the closure of sub-periods, so should be 1 min, 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week to avoid fail entries that could happen in 15min or 30min, for Gunbot the best period will be 1 min.

Gunbot Strategy configuration for 1 Scalp

First of all, open your GUI and create a new strategy under Buy Method and Sell Method “Market_Maker” and click create as you can see in the image below.

Gunbot Strategy Overview - 1 Scalp 1

Configure 1 Scalp from GUI, click in TAB Strategy Variants, and Toggle on 1 Scalp

Gunbot Strategy Overview - 1 Scalp 2

Configure the method of the close position according to One Scalp logic

Gunbot Strategy Overview - 1 Scalp 3

Below you can see a table with the needed parameters used in One Scalp Gunbot Market_Maker Strategy.





true or false

Enable the strategy.


true or false

Enable to DCA in One Scalp strategy.


Numerical percentage value (ex 1).

If the price goes below/above your entry depending if you're short or long, it will automatically start to dca your position to average your entry.


true or false

It must be always false for One Scalper Strategy otherwise you can enable ROE_SCALPER strategy to other Market_Maker strategies. It basically follows the logic of a stop order and places a limit order below the actual ROE, trailing it up if it escalates.



Enables not adding more contracts into the position if price goes against your entry. for USD based futures will be in quote and for coin margined contract will be in contracts.

Warning: apart from those specific parameters mentioned in the Gunbot Strategy, you need full access to our Market Maker to have access to all settings available.

Below you can see a chart with 1 short 1 long open same time using the advanced HEDGING Mode feature implemented in Gunbot Market_Maker so Gunbot will open long and short and you can have two positions open (Long / Short).

Gunbot Strategy Overview - 1 Scalp 4

That’s all folks, enjoy 1 Scalp as Gunbot Strategy in Market Maker bot and let us know your results.

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Gunbot Strategy Overview - 1 Scalp 5

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