Gunbot Strategy Overview Pullback for Futures Markets

Gunbot Strategy Overview Pullback 

It’s been a long time since I published an Overview for our professional Market Maker bot, and my main goal is to have all overview Market Maker strategy variants in so people don´t feel lost in the dark when trading futures with a Market_Maker bot.

The Gunbot pullback strategy is one of those under-valuated market maker strategies or at least not so used as others like Grid, MOTION OF THE OCEAN, or 1 Scalp.

Without further ado let’s analyze how it works the Pullback strategy.

The pullback strategy is based on emas and focuses on finding good entry points on pumps and dumps.

What is the Pullback Strategy?

gunbot strategy

This strategy uses 3 ema:

Default config:

  • – ema1 short period 50.
  • – ema2 medium period 100.
  • – ema3 long period 150.

An example of pullback is when the price goes below ema1 and ema2 during a pump and then bounces above ema1 again we will open a long position.

Below is an example of possible entry targets for the Pullback strategy.

Gunbot Strategy Overview Pullback for Futures Markets 1

How to configure in Gunbot Market Maker  Pullback Strategy for trading with Futures.

  • – Create a default legacy MM strategy, configure the way you like your ROE, and configure your risk level.
  • – Go to Strategy variants and configure like the image below.

Gunbot Strategy Overview Pullback for Futures Markets 2

  • – Set DCA method either to Native or Tenkan DCA, that´s personal preference,

You can see in the table below the list of parameters used in the Pullback strategy.




""PULLBACK": true,

true or false

Enable the strategy.


Numerical percentage value (ex 1).

Multiplier for Pullback DCA Quantity, formula is Trading Limit / Pullback Multiplier. Tip: Formula is a division.


Numerical percentage value (ex 5).

If the price goes below/above your entry it will automatically dca by that percentage value, and here is the difference with other strategies it will dca as much as possible based on your limitations in the MOC value to try to keep distance from actual price as  close as the value you set.


Numerical value (Default: 1)

Stops adding more to a position when it did reach MOC value, if you set 0.025 in USDT-BTC contract it will no longer add to the position when you got total 0.025 contracts value in your position. In USDT markets value is expressed in quote in Swap or coin margined markets value is expressed in contracts (USD).


Numerical (value in minutes). (Ex 60).

That setting is really important as it could have a real impact  in your entries from pure scalping to swing trading. (recommended 15,30, 60min).


Numerical (ex. 50).

Defines the number of candles used to calculate your ema fast.


Numerical (ex. 100).

Defines the number of candles used to calculate your middle ema.


Numerical (ex. 100).

Defines the number of candles user to calculate your Slow ema.


text "LONG" , "SHORT", "BOTH".

you can select what side to open your position (LONG / SHORT / BOTH), really useful in trending markets.


true or false

Only useful if you use with another strategy as your primary. It must be set to false if your main strategy is Pullback.

That’s all folks, see you next time, and happy gunbottin’.


Gunbot Specialist and Crypto Enthusiast- Further information about the Gunbot portfolio at

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