GUNTHY token: what’s next

GUNTHY token: what’s next

Many of you like GUNTHY token, many don’t. Some of you have invested in the token beyond what has been distributed with licenses allowance, some didn’t and are quietly running their Gunbot/bitRage and forgot about their GUNTHY wallet.

The 2 groups have something in common: we are “many”. Despite what might appear from outside, our community is not a small community.

I am not talking about the number of Gunbot running around the globe: I’m talking about active people. Yes, we are “many”. Some days I really struggle to follow all the groups and forum messages and PM.

Do you know a community that never stops to post messages on Telegram 24/7, Xmas, NY, holiday included? I do, big communities with a lot of members! With a lot of “active” members indeed. So yes: we are officially a big active community, let’s be aware of this!

GUNTHY token: what's next 1I have been asked to start looking for exchanges that would list GUNTHY: Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex, Poloniex, and many others. This would be a game-changer right?

Perfect, I did. Pim and I personally met some of them: we got to talk with them face to face with their listing managers we talked about our Gunthy Token. With some of them, we became friends! What they all have in common are:

1.- Extremely skilled guys and girls that know what they are doing (they know how to check token health, they know how to spot scam ICO, they know how to read a token Kline, they know how to evaluate founders curricula!)

2.- They all have to apply their own Exchange policy and procedures to list a token

3.- They have decisional power (they can decide what token to list and why without having to rely on their CEO/COO opinion)

Let’s analyze point 2: if your token is the best token ever if there is no exit scam smell from founders if my curriculum is the best one ever if they decide to list it, there is a fee to pay in dollars starting from 150k USD


So after we got out of our shock, Pim and me, together with others in our board, decided to follow another path that exchanges indicated us: “let’s see how your community is strong and we can discuss this from a different sight”

Lava disappeared from my face and a big smile started to grow up: yes! We are a big community!


The New Path: exchanges like Kraken, Binance, Kucoin, OKEx, FXT, HitBTC, and many others I went back to visit with this new big smile on my face were enthusiast and still are.

They truly believe we are a big and healthy community and they are ready to show their belief with facts: they started to pay us! So instead of asking us 150k dollars to get listed, they started to actually give us money for our trading competitions: they started to send us 10k USD for each trading competition. Actually that money is up there ready for you to grab, ready for the community to grab!

Exchanges are encouraging me, they write to me at least 2 or 3 times per day, we talk, discuss, suggest each other things to do to incentivize our community and their exchange presence in our community!

All of them would be ready to talk again about listing GUNTHY on behalf of such a big community like we think it is!

Gunthy Token

What’s next?

1.- Rather you are in the group that invested buying GUNTHY token or you are happy running your Gunbot/bitRage from home, you should reply with your community voice by signing up to the trading competitions we are organizing: that’s not me behind those trading competitions guys, those are the Exchanges knocking at our doors with 10k USD in their hands and asking for “hello GUNTHY, anyone here?”

2.- see point 1

There is an alternative: try to phone call Kraken, Binance, Kucoin, OKEx, and other exchanges and see if they are going to send you 10k USD because you tell them our community is a big one! If you succeed, let me know.

I hope this article will open some eyes…it will autodestruct in 30 seconds…



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  1. I believe in gunbot community

    It is the best one I ever seen

    I will do my best as an active member to do it bitter bigger and more effective

    Thanks Gunthar and your team for your tremendous efforts


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