June 2021 Crypto Gunbot Tournament Interview Futures Winners

June 2021 Crypto Gunbot Tournament Interview Futures Winners

We interviewed the champions of the futures tournament. Let’s see what they can enlighten us to become far superior traders with their wisdom.

Why did you choose Gunbot as your bot for trading crypto?.

AIOLOS: I came across gunbot after looking for something to automate my crypto trading (which was suffering due to too many emotions…) After doing a bit of research and compared different solutions, I decided to give Gunbot a shot. So far it has been a really exciting journey.

CASEY RYBACK: The control I have with Gunbot, I can run it my own servers, I can customize my stats.

ICTFS: I wanted something with a strong community behind it, and while already loaded with many proven strategies already, be able to customize it to perform the way I think it should, everyone trading strategies are different, there is definitely not 1 solution for all.

FTX_GIMEEMONEYZ: To make life easier. Earn while I sleep.

What’s the best feature for you of Gunbot bot?.

AIOLOS: My favorite feature is autoconfig. As long as your ideas can be translated into javascript, the sky/moon is pretty much the limit with AC. I still have a lot to learn though and I’m sure something like custom strategies also holds lots of gems.

CASEY RYBACK: MM, Auto config, and the addons ARS, Q, Lifevest, etc.

ICTFS: I’d have to say it’s the evolving manner of the whole program, sometimes frustrating working out what’s going on the further you customize it, but some of the advancements made have been really good. Some of the guys behind the innovations, bug fixing, advancements, and simple updates are bloody geniuses.

FTX_GIMEEMONEYZ: Auto-trading.


What wallet size you started in the tournament ?.

AIOLOS: I started with a wallet balance of 3500USD.


ICTFS: 5,000 USD.

FTX_GIMEEMONEYZ: 3,000 to 5,000 USD.


What strategy did you use?

AIOLOS: I did run a native market maker strategy together with my autoconfig controller. Not everything went according to plan though. Early on in the tournament, I found a bug that kept increasing the TL even after closing a position. At the end that worked out in my favor, but it could have gone both ways. This time I was lucky. I still had to do several manual trades to get things back to normal.

I would also like to give a shout-out to ICTFS, aka Lee. He shaved years off of my learning curve with the information and experience he shared. I would definitely not have been here without his help. Cheers mate!.

CASEY RYBACK: Custom A/C (I do not want to share as the risk of its usage is too high for me to share morally. Next month the chef (Casey Ryback) Will probably come to last. 

ICTFS: I used market maker in the tournament with a custom Autoconfig controlling how and when it trades. Wallet balance of 5k and only did about 25k volume for the month, I’m still in the process of re-configuring from another exchange and it’s like a whole new game to play again so will take me some time to build more confidence.



What’s the feature you would like to be added to Gunbot?

AIOLOS: It would be amazing if we could get indicators from multiple periods. I’m currently trading with a 5min period, but want to use indicators based on a 1 hour period.

CASEY RYBACK: A starter version for new gunbot users that is web-based hosted on gunbot servers – a teaser for new gunbot users that uses a simple interface. This would encourage new users to auto trade and potentially increase the value of the Gunthy token.

ICTFS: I’d love an amalgamation of some of the already configured strategies to be able to pull together, I’d love to be able to implement GRID_SPREAD into the market maker (at times), but I understand that would be using it differently to how it was designed.

FTX_GIMEEMONEYZ: Improvements PnL notification and market direction detection.


What’s the most urgent need that needs to be Fixed or revamped?

AIOLOS: Accurate PnL calculations would be nice.

CASEY RYBACK: Error reporting, when the bot gives error messages having a better understanding of what they mean, maybe an error code guide.

ICTFS: Honestly I have no outstanding errors or bugs that come to mind, and I guess everyone has their own definition of what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed, personally I’m happy with where it’s at now, compared to when I first started the bot has come a long way and I commend the developers for the hard work they do.

FTX_GIMEEMONEYZ: PnL alerts as right now it’s sending multiple notifications for micro trades. Instead, send a summary of full PnL in 1 notification.


Are you using any special add-on?

AIOLOS: nope.

CASEY RYBACK: MM. I use ARS but this was not this tournament result.

ICTFS: Not currently, I’ve used ARS (Credit to BestNAF) and it’s brilliant, but I like to drive things my way in the end, but it’s taken me a while to work that out.

FTX_GIMEEMONEYZ: MM: vanilla as well as ARS.


What makes you decide to use an add-on for your Gunbot?


CASEY RYBACK: MM due to its risk management this has been my best crypto-investment

ARS after liquidation so many times, I needed extra layers of support.

ICTFS: I guess if you’re looking for an edge or an understanding of how other people are taking things to another level, it’s definitely a good starting point, starting on your own is daunting, to begin with.

FTX_GIMEEMONEYZ: Better PnL alerts, liquidation protection for futures.

Thanks for the interview folks, you rock!.

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