OKEx trading competition…and the winners are….

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Hi guys&gals as you know we didn’t reach at least 100 participants in the OKEx trading competition (you can see final results here ) so technically we are not eligible for the prize (as stated by the competition rules here Enjoy Gunbot OKEx 10000 USDT Trading Competition )


OKEx decided to unlock the first 3000USDT level as a big appreciation of the efforts Gunbotters put in this partnership, even if the minimum requirements were not met!

Here are the rules for the prize distribution:

1.- a total amount of 3000USDT will be assigned to the first 20 traders based on their total volume

2.- you need to send me your OKEx USDT ERC20 wallet address if you are in the top 20

3.- payments will start in the next 2 days


As a big thank you for everyone that supported this trading competition, a giveaway of GUNTHY tokens and giveaway of the 0.01BTC will happen too!

Here are the rules for GUNTHY and BTC giveaways:

1.- if you are present at the OKEx competition board (see here ) send me your GUNTHY wallet address and your BTC wallet address (it can be any not-segwit BTC address so wallets starting with 1xxxxxxx and/or wallets starting with 3xxxxxxx are ok, wallets starting with bcxxxxxxxx are not ok)

2.- payments will start in the next 2 days


Keep going trading at OKEx using Gunbot because they will activate fee rebates for all Gunbot users, more details will be posted here.

Happy Trading with Gunbot and OKEx !


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