Gunbot – What’s New This Week

Gunbot - What’s New This Week 1

Gunbot Features, Enhancements and Patches Update

Hi Crypto Traders. This week at Gunbot community we have been really busy fixing several things and testing a new strategy called “MOTO”…..shhhh…..this is a secret project so we will have more info soon(tm).

The Dev’s have also been extremely busy lately.  Here is a brief overview of whats been going on.

GUI Enhancements

  • – Complete refactor is underway of the GUI layout. First merges of a clean and organised CSS template has been done. Improve mobile responsiveness.

Gunbot - What’s New This Week 2

  • – All new Market Maker strategies have been implemented. No more manually editing of the config file.

Gunbot - What’s New This Week 3

  • – Performance and speed overhaul with big data refactor. Migration to has occurred greatly improving the speed of the GUI for your Gunbot.
  • – Custom charts implemented. Save your own T/A.


AutoConfig Enhancements

Added MORE power to this already powerful tool!

  • – Introduced support for using simple math’s and JavaScript math’s. Upgrade from using static values when managing overrides and variables for your bot. You can now also use examples like:  “1 + (100/90)” or crazy things like “Math.abs( *-1) * 1.5”.
  • – New generic filters added to support Math’s functions.


General Improvements

  • – Various bug fixes for autoconfig
  • – Isolated and fixed an issue preventing some users from opening position on KrakenFutures.
  • Fixed an issue that would error our bot statistics with empty trading history.
  • Fixed an issue that would not parse correctly PNL in GUI.
  • Implement some extra parsing to support new Tradingview add-on jobs.
  • Improvements for Market Maker and GRID strategies.


That’s all folks! From the GUNTHY team, c-u next week and happy gunbottin’!

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Gunbot - What’s New This Week 6
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