4th Gunbot Permanent Tournament Winner Interview

Fourth Gunbot Permanent Tournament – Interview with the champion

Here are the answers to some of the questions that all of us are excited to know about the champion of the fourth permanent Gunbot Tournament.

Gunbot Permanent Tournament

Why did you choose Gunbot as your bot for trading crypto?

Lifetime License & no managed service


What’s the best feature for you of Gunbot bot?.

Gunbot Market Maker


What strategy did you use in the tournament?.

Highly dynamic grid with AC aka Q Strat


What’s the feature you would like to be added to Gunbot?

Forex because of uncertainty in crypto space, Regulations, scam, hacks, etc


What’s the most urgent need that needs to be Fixed or revamped?

Coin-margined Support on Binance & bitget


Are u using any special add-on?



What makes you decide to use an add-on for your Gunbot?

Tried and I did like it.


What was your starting balance for the tournament?

30,000 USDT.



That’s all Folks, stay tuned and happy gunbottin’.


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4th Gunbot Permanent Tournament Winner Interview 1





4th Gunbot Permanent Tournament Winner Interview 3
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