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6Th Crypto Gunbot Tournament Winners Interview

6Th Crypto Gunbot Tournament Winners Interview 

We did interview some of the winners that classified in the first 10 positions in the latest Binance Permanent Tournament & FTX.

Gunbot Tournament Winners Interview

Why did you choose Gunbot as your bot for trading crypto?

SUPERSNAKE: One-time purchase with lifetime updates, no leasing, renting or other hidden costs. 

Dinir0: i heard about gunbot from a friend who told me he had doubled his wallet in half a year so i decided to give it a try. by that time i only knew about three comma’s which was less good according to my gunbot friend. i already knew about trading basics so i decided to give it a try.

cryptokoala: the Gunbot community is helpful and full of like-minded enthusiasts sharing the same goal.

HARSH2: Been using it since more than a year, and it’s best.

zionsuperfly1: 4 years ago, I was thinking to make a bot myself. But during my research I found Gunbot.

Gunbot was just released, but it had a very promising view of the future. And other bots were not having this. Now 4 years later I do not have 1 moment of regret of my choice.

SLO1: Oh man… that’s already a good question… I must say it’s all about trust in my case. I have “known” Gunthar for a long time back then through Bitcointalk. And when it comes to investing in general and crypto in the particular trust is important. So I guess I trusted the guy and in the meantime he has gathered a group of really great people around him, both the inner circle as well as the whole community!.

maGCFTX: Because it is the most developed bot and because it is highly configurable

What’s the best feature for you of Gunbot bot?.


Dinir0: that would be the endless possibilities and the community input. the many future strategies and spotgrid strategy-based are awesome. and it keeps getting better and better.

cryptokoala: Autoconfig, which makes add-ons possible

HARSH2: autoconfig.

SLO1: That is actually that community!!! That is so cool. How we all help each other and grow together. It really is that community and Gunthar’s openness to us all; doesn’t matter if you’re an oldtimer or newbie, if you have a cool idea we all listen to it and discuss it. It gets programmed and tested. And if it proves to be a good idea it gets implemented.

zionsuperfly1: Market Maker.

maGCFTX: The stability it has

What strategy did you use and wallet balance in the tournament ?.

SUPERSNAKE: GB 21.4.7 + ARS 9.7, oneScalper, 2k and 4 pairs. Doge-Comp-Ada-Link

Dinir0: moto. i used the lifevest ac from Zyonbear for opening positions and DCA and the magic roe from bungee lifevest for the closing positions. I think that’s a combination of PND and supres with some secret ingredients from Zyonbear. those gave me better results than the roe scalp. i only went long as the market had almost burned me a few times on shorts. I used the strategy on 15m tf. adding pairs was based on the tv indicator auto pivots with s/r and situations where pairs had broken the previous all time high.

cryptokoala: 1scalper with ARS, 5,000 USDT

HARSH2: I used my still in development AC strategy based on Moto. Started with 8k wallet

SLO1: For futures everybody who knows me knows I have been a big fan of grid right from the start. I see futures as speculation. And from that perspective, you need good risk management and a strat that is always playing the field in all directions… my futures/grid instances always start with a $10K wallet as they have a lot of pairs (24 to sometimes 40 in the past) and I don’t want my trading limit (and returns) to bee too small.

zionsuperfly1: I use 1 scalper. Begin February i started with 5K

maGCFTX: The strategy was 1qP and the balance 1k to 4.5k

Whats the feature you would like to be added in Gunbot?

SUPERSNAKE: For “normal” users like me it’s already very complex to create a good trading strategy with limited background knowing about trading, so may some final pre-configured strategies for spot with integrated selections of risk levels would be a good solution.

Implement a add-on selecting mask where you buy them with Gunthys directly from your Gunthy wallet of the Gunthy exchange. 

Dinir0: Being able to track double timeframe. say you want to only go long when 4hr timeframe and 1h timeframe is good. At the moment you have to play with ac to be able to do that which is a lot of hassle.

cryptokoala: Websockets. Exchanges are tightening their API call limits. 

HARSH2: High-Frequency Trading.

SLO1: As probably most of the interviewees will say High-Frequency Trading (HFT), I will say something that has been a “pet project” of mine for a long time: I would like to see some form of “trailing” Stop Loss (SL) that is placed (and constantly updated) at the exchange. So when we have connectivity issues during big market moves and the exchanges get flooded with requests at least our SL will be respected.

zionsuperfly1: HFT.

maGCFTX: Multi-instance, “one to handle them all”.

What’s the most urgent need that needs to be Fixed or revamped?

SUPERSNAKE: The configuration file and GUI do not work properly together; reading and saving in the current form can cause errors. 

Dinir0: double timeframe.

cryptokoala: An up-to-date “known-issues” list that is acknowledged/maintained

HASH2: Serverless Licenses

zionsuperfly1: HFT

SLO1: That’s actually is that HFT, and I know Gunthar is really working hard at that. Can’t wait to see it full-blown in action but as Gunthar also says that beast has to be tamed really well or your wallet will be rekt in about 20 seconds…

maGCFTX: Nothing, since the development/fix is continuous and the data and formulas used by the exchanges vary between them (those are the biggest problems but they are fixed continuously).


Are you using any special add-on?


Dinir0: yes, lifevest and bungee lifevest.

cryptokoala: ARS (always rekt script)

HASH2: Autoconfig with my own AC

zionsuperfly1: No, I tried ARS, a very good tool. But I tried my own risk management and it works fine.

SLO1: Yes! Q (thanks to Q, and the great Q community!!!). Am an “early adaptor” of that add-on and really like it (because it uses grid, of course). I have seen my fair share of wallets get rekt on it, but that’s part of futures trading (or, as every newbie in the Market Maker room hears: “happy rekt!”). It’s part of both speculations as well as everybody’s learning experience. It’s good to have an autoconfig as Q that helps you to spread your risk and keep risks as low as possible so you can sleep at night.

maGCFTX: Nope.


What makes you decide to use an add-on for your Gunbot?

SUPERSNAKE: My experience in trading was not good enough to take advantage of all the complex possibilities of Gunbot. Got rekt too many times without…

Dinir0: makes it easier to calculate things like moc, DCA based on supres, and more gains with magic roe.

cryptokoala: the time, effort, and knowledge of setting up my own custom AutoConfig take too long, so I looked for an active add-on that did what I wanted. Plus I did get a 2-week trial to test ARS before deciding. 

HASH2: Customization.

SLO1: I’m an investor, not a programmer. And although Gunthar has really given us a nice product with a lot of built-in capabilities and Pim has really given us all that great tool of autoconfig to expand on it (sorry to all the who I didn’t mention but helped along the way) programming an add-on like Q (but also like Life-vest, ARS and probably some I forgot to mention) is something that takes skills. Thanks to guys like Q, Zyon Bear, Harsh, BestNAF we can all use these kinds of great add-ons!

And that takes us back full circle to that great community that makes Gunbot great. See! Really cool, and I didn’t even mention great individuals that really help us all along like Exquitas, Cryptosticks, Nark, Trashdog, Aitor, Anon, and many, many more…

Here is a really special interview as this participant was using two accounts same time and managed to classify in the top with three Gunbots.

Tell me, your performance was really good what happened?

‘Mrs. An Onymous’:

So yes, I am in the top 10 of the tournament, and yes, even three times this month …
How did I do that? There are many good add-ons for GB, it doesn’t really matter which one I used …
What is important, I also lost everything …
I got rekt.
Rekt with every instance I have … thus 3 times
In 2 hours time,

All profits I made last month … suddenly gone
So my message is: GB and add-ons are great, the community is great but don’t get carried away. Think about your risk management:

only use money that you want / can lose, make sure you have balance free to intervene if necessary understand your strategy and put your profit aside every day, to be used in less good times.

Luckily I did all of the above …


Thanks for the interview ladies and Gentlemen, you rock guys!.


See you at the next tournament & stay safe, happy gunbottin’!

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6Th Crypto Gunbot Tournament Winners Interview 3
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