Tuesday, April 13, 2021

AutoConfig adds “hedging” strategy

Using the new “hedge” job types in AutoConfig you can let Gunbot automatically hedge between any two currencies, as long as those two are available as a trading pair on your exchange.

For example, you can now run a fully Automated Setup in Gunbot that:

  • Trades BTC-x pairs when BTC is trending upwards, accumulating BTC
  • When BTC trend turns downwards, automatically sell all assets to USDT
  • As long as the BTC trend is downwards, trade only USDT-x pairs
  • When the BTC downtrend ends, buy BTC again using the accumulated USDT


You can choose the hedging pair yourself if you prefer to hedge between ETH and BNB, go for it.

More info on the Gunbot wiki.

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