Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid – Re-Edited

Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid – Re-Edited

Hi all folks,

We released a new strategy based in the work of Gridspot specially tuned for Futures trading. It’s really straightforward to configure and only needs a few parameters to get it running. You must have at least Gunbot Standard in order to be able to use it.

Creating the strategy Market_Maker bot users

  • – Click in Strategy – Add a new one with parameters below.

Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid - Re-Edited 1

  • – Then you just need to select that new strategy and Save Default parameters.

Parameters for this strategy:





Numeric Value

Timeframe that you run your strategy, i'm personally using 15 min.


Numeric Value

Self Explanatory


Numerical value (ex 1).

Number of times that we will DCA (included the first order open the position) If the price goes against us, personally using 15.


Numerical value

Allows stop adding more into the position if price goes against your entry. for USD based futures will be in quote and for coin margined contract will be in contracts.


Numeric value

Distance that it will dca based in several metrics used by the strategy, i'm personally using 1.25.


Boolean, true or false

TP range is based in several parameters undisclosed, it tries to sell best possible spots.



It fix open only LONG, SHORT or Both Directions. The AUTO mode uses a non configurable trend detection that uses EMA, OBV and ATR data from both 15m and 4h charts, and only opens a long or short if confirmed by the trend definitions.


Numeric value

Can be used to increase or decrease the invested amount with each consecutive buy order. Examples with trading limit 100 USDT and max buy count 3: 

1: each buy order is for 100 USDT

1.5: first buy 100, second buy 150, third buy 225

2: first buy 100, second buy 200, third buy 400


Numeric value

Default 50 candles are used to calculate support and resistance levels.


Boolean, true or false

Enables the strategy.

  • – For now, you need to use an external editor to add into your pair override, I commonly use vi or notepad++.

Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid - Re-Edited 2

  • – Then save your file.
  • – You can restart your Gunbot. futuresGrid immediately will enter into position if you’re not already in position and you set the direction if you set AUTO maybe takes a while to enter in the markets.

Creating the strategy Gunbot License (From Standard) only users.

  • – Open Strategy Editor.
  • – Add new Strategy with config below.

Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid - Re-Edited 3

– Configure the Strategy (Basic TAB), see example below.

Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid - Re-Edited 4

  • – Configure the Advanced Tab.

Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid - Re-Edited 5

  • – Set an override in your pair with “MAX_OPEN_CONTRACTS”.
  • – Save changes.

Important Notes:

  • – futuresGrid since build v21.8.7 – Stable preview allows any direction to trade long, short, or auto (strategy will decide what side to enter based on his own ALGO).
  • – Adjust your MOC accordingly to your risk acceptance using the “MAX_OPEN_CONTRACTS” value.
  • – Make sure if you use coin margined you set MOC in contracts values not quote.
  • You must run at least build v21.9.1 to use properly this strategy and several improvements have been made.


The screen below is from futuresGrid strategy in the 15m timeframe.


Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid - Re-Edited 6

The screen below is from futuresGrid at Bybit, LONG-SIDE only as we can use HEDGE Strategy at that exchange.

Gunbot Strategy Overview futuresGrid - Re-Edited 7

Enjoy your futuresGrid strategy, we already love it and c-u next time,

gunthy shop now

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  1. Thanks for this! I’m having trouble with futuresGrid on Binance Coin M Futures – eg USD-ETH-PERP and USD-LINK-PERP. I can only get it to open a single trade – I have TL 1, Max Buy Count 10 and Max Open Contracts 1000, everything else default, but only one trade opens up. Any ideas?


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