Gunbot Tournament Futures Winners August

Gunbot Tournament Futures winners August

We interviewed the champions of the Gunbot Tournament Futures winners from August. Let’s see what the pros can enlight us to improve as traders.

Why did you choose Gunbot as your bot for trading crypto?.

DP8: I just about selected and tried every other bot first as Gunbot required an upfront payment and didn’t appear to be what I was after. Turns out it would have been cheaper to purchase Gunbot from the beginning and I also realized that Gunbot can pretty much do anything I want it to do (limited by my own imagination…and coding skills).

32bitsofGil: Gunbot has always been my choice for automating my crypto trading. I’ve been using gunbot since 2017 when everything was crazy and Gunbot was still in its infancy. So much has changed since then and I truly think we are living in the golden age of Gunbot. Strategies have matured, code has matured, so many exchanges are available now, and still great features like HFT are on the way. With this community, I have seen crazy leaps in gunbot development thanks to all those who work so hard to report bugs and fringe issues.

Plus who wants to pay monthly for a damn trading bot??

TKO: Honestly, I totally stumbled upon it when looking for a programmer to write an automated script when I was doing manual trading. After reading about it and seeing the reviews, it seemed like a great bot to test. And I have 0 regrets!

TAKATAKA: Easy-on prem and you’re in control.

MicroLambo: I like the fact that it has a one-time fee, many strategies, and a very active community.

WHEN_DICKSIZE_AGAIN: Started automated trading with gunbot and never regretted it. So why change or try something new? I won’t write “because of the community” as it is only because of a handful of guys in that community. And I won’t write “because of GUNTHY-Token” because it, unfortunately, got devalued a lot by all that free exchange slots and free-to-use subaccounts. Let’s hope for big news to push price back up again so I can eventually get rid of them (besides my rank-10-requirements ofc).

MRNOBODY: Mostly because you are free to run it wherever you want, no cloud fees and so on.

What’s the best feature for you of Gunbot bot?.

DP8: Gunbot’s ability to take on updated configuration on the fly is extremely powerful.

32bitsofGil: I think Gunbot’s best feature over the entire development has been Autoconfig. It has changed so much about the way I use Gunbot. No more dumb strategies that must be tweaked and babysit all day. If you haven’t done so already, download PIM’s stepgrid controller from the marketplace, start using stepgrid on the spot market.


TKO: Market Maker and the community. Without these, GB would be good, but with them, GB is amazing.

TAKATAKA: Easy to use, not much learning curve.

MicroLambo: Market Maker and autoconfig. I haven’t tried custom strategies yet.

WHEN_DICKSIZE_AGAIN: Autoconfig: It is just insane.

MRNOBODY: Strategies customization.

What strategy did you use?.

DP8: Grid/DCA strategies.

32bitsofGil: For the tournament, I wanted to use something risky, and particularly I wanted to start with a small balance and prove to myself that I could trade with the best. I figured out that I could use Stepgrid on the futures markets at FTX with a little tweaking. (I do not recommend this, and many advised me against it).

I got very lucky that prices just kept going up all during August, and as such, Stepgrid performed beautifully. Sure I had days where I had losses because you should be aware that on the futures market stepgrid will realize losses just so it can move that average entry price. It does an incredible job at trading constantly for small profits. I also believe that diversifying heavily with lots of pairs helped me too, as I didn’t get over-leveraged into a few assets, I was always making a profit somewhere.

I set up my trades as such: 20x margin, 20USD TL, 20 MAX_BUY_COUNT, auto step size, 31 pairs on FTX futures -PERP markets (31 Pairs!!!).

TKO: I used Q strat.

TAKATAKA: FuturesGrid.

MicroLambo: Tenkan with a little bit of autoconfig.

WHEN_DICKSIZE_AGAIN: Market_Maker with most of the time (AC changes that sometimes) GRID as variant.

MRNOBODY: 1scalper, for the most.

What wallet balance did you have at the start of the tournament ?.

DP8: 20,000 USD.

32bitsofGil: 500 USD.

TKO: 18,000 USD.


MicroLambo: 874 USD.

WHEN_DICKSIZE_AGAIN: Does that matter in a PNL per Volume-Tournament? Read my nickname. I think it was more competition back then when we did our good old dicksize-tournaments. Although I would say that the better way to find the most profitable strategies is PNL per Wallet because every scalping strategy gets its rank just above the ones who fucked up their wallet while in the tournament although they possibly make a shit ton of money with a way smaller risk than this position-holding-and-hoping-trade-approach. To be honest I just created a simple strat (Long ofc) to get to Top10 and write this shit here.

One strat making 100 bucks out of 10 bucks deposit/margin with very much volume is just as good as a strat that does the same in a more efficient way. The only thing he does worse: Paying less fees which we get back as rebates to distribute back as prices in here. Guess who CZ loves more…?.

MRNOBODY: Can’t remember.

What estimated wallet balance did you end after the tournament?.

DP8: 26,000 USD.

32bitsofGil: 1,200 USD a total of 140% Gain.

TKO: 20,0000 USD

TAKATAKA: above 2,000 USD.

MicroLambo: 1045 USD.


MRNOBODY: Can’t remember.

What’s the feature you would like to be added to Gunbot?.

DP8: Can’t think of anything.

32bitsofGil: I know the team is working to perfect HFT and WebSockets, but I would really really like them to come around soon. I personally love trading lots and lots of pairs. It makes me feel like I never miss opportunities in the market. Currently, my strategies are hindered by the really slow cycle times that 30+ pairs give you.

TKO: Maybe Telegram to have accurate ROE info and percentages including FTX.

TAKATAKA: Small Mobile App – easy to use UX/UI.

MicroLambo: HFT would be nice.

WHEN_DICKSIZE_AGAIN: I would really like to have a tool that transfers the profit of every trade from futures wallet to spot. I know that it is dangerous to enable this on your API but one who does not know what he is doing will pay for his lack of knowledge anyway sooner than later.

As I leverage my trading very much, it is difficult to just transfer (part of) profits to spot every day as this can trigger my protections if I remove 5-10% of my available margin.

I know that this is unlikely to get added but it is OK. So I have to do more compounding…

MRNOBODY: We can already do a lot of things, in my opinion we would have to achieve better stability, fix known bugs, at least those afflicting main exchanges.

What’s the most urgent need that needs to be Fixed or revamped?.

DP8: Pnl.

32bitsofGil: I’m not an expert but I think the PNL code is still buggy. My PNL for the tournament was close but did not match the output of FTX PNL. Definitely need more love.

TKO: Auto Config button to be moved next to “Pairs, Strategies, etc. To make it 1 click” lol.

TAKATAKA: PnL  – really needs to be accurate.

MicroLambo: None.

WHEN_DICKSIZE_AGAIN: Right now GB is stable in an almost scary way… I hope HFT / bitRage can change this again. 😉

MRNOBODY: Ftx compatibility.

Are u using any special add-on?.

DP8: zyB0t (by Zy0n Bear), SGA Mutation (by Aitor/Javier), and SGA/StepGrid Controllers (by Pim).

32bitsofGil: No special add-on. I will use this space to plug PIM’s stepgrid controller Autoconfig scripts on the Gunthy Marketplace.

TKO: Just Q but just started Stepgrid and Zybot for Spot as well.


MicroLambo: Not in this tournament.

WHEN_DICKSIZE_AGAIN: I own them all I guess (ARS, Q, zyb0t) but don’t use them right now as I like it more now when I know exactly what code is risking my money and for Spot, I use stepGridController which is a masterpiece.


What makes you decide to use an add-on for your Gunbot?.

DP8: Since I am new to Gunbot, I think it helps me by speeding up the learning curve and profiting sooner. It also helps me to develop additional skills relating to automation and trading. By seeing other people’s work and strategies, I can see the power and potential of Gunbot. With this knowledge, I hope to be able to implement my own ideas one day.

32bitsofGil: PIM is a great guy, really smart. Buy him a beer.

TKO: ROI. If it makes sense and it can do better than i can, then it is totally worth it.


MicroLambo: i didn´t use it.

WHEN_DICKSIZE_AGAIN: I use them when I have the evidence (or at least the feeling) that they handle my margin in a more profitable way than I can do this myself. Right now this is why I run none of them.


Thanks for the interview folks, you rock!.

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