Hurry Join the Gunbot Bitget Trading Competition

The partnership is sealed and the Profits already rolling, come along to the Gunbot Bitget Trading Competition!

As a celebration of a Successful New Partnership Gunbot and Bitget already giving us a way to earn more and win prices, sing up now and get compensated for your trading skills.


Beat the competition, show you’re a Top Trader, and Win a Reward for it!

What a Great Way to Quote our Gunthy CCO Angie! “Gunbot is profitable…”


The Gunbot Bitget Trading Competition Rules are as follow:


First Event “Deposit and Trading Campaign


Date and Time Period from 00:00,15 Sep 2020 to 00:00, 23 Sep 2020(UTC+8)


1- During the activity period, the users register an account via the Gunbot invitation link as below will be eligible to participate:


Gunbot Bitget Trading Competition Invitation Link


Here’s is a backup link in case the .com gives you trouble


Gunbot Bitget Trading Competition Invitation Link  to .cc URL


2- The first 500 users with a successful deposit of USDT or BTC (excluding platform internal transfer) and MUST trade with BTC / USDT or BTC / USD in contract trading once during the activity period, can be rewarded with a 3% trading bonus of the deposit amount, capped at 100USDT.


Second Event “Trading Tournament


Date and Time Period from 00:00,17 Sep 2020(UTC+8) to 00:00,23 Sep 2020(UTC+8)


The Total Shared Reward is 5000 USDT


Each participant must complete a minimum of 25,000 USDT of generated volume using Gunbot on Bitget Contract Trading.


Number of Participants to Unlock each Prize Level

50 Participants will Unlock 1000 USDT

100 Participants will Unlock 2500 USDT

200 Participants will Unlock 5000 USDT


Rank Rules:

1st to 10th highest PNL: share equal percentual of 50% of the unlocked prize

11th to 50th highest PNL: share equal percentual of 30% of the unlocked prize

51st to 100th highest PNL: share equal perceptual of 20% of the unlocked prize


Gunbot Bitget Trading Competition Terms & Conditions

1. Trading bonuses can be used as a deposit to trade, expenses, deduct handling fees, and transaction fees.

2.Rewards distribution: The trading bonus rewards will be distributed after the competition and completing data statistics.

3. The trading bonus does not allow withdrawal. Any transfer and withdrawal of funds will cause the trading bonus suspended.

4.Bitget reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades, illegal bulk account registrations, self-dealing, or display attributes of market manipulation, etc.

5. Bitget reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.


Gunbot and Bitget are throwing a Party Come Along to the Gunbot Bitget Trading Competition and Get paid for your Trading Expertise

This is just the first of many good things coming our way, Enjoy!


If you do not own Gunbot yet and want to start making money with proven strategies tested by our users, contact one of our Gunbot Official Resellers to get you Ready Instantly.

Hurry Join the Gunbot Bitget Trading Competition 2
CryptoDROI is a Gunbot Official Reseller Supporter and Crypto Trader. Using Gunbot since 2017 and bitRage since April 2019. Is a Privilege to be part of this community and be able to help traders Make Daily Profits On their bot Investment.

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