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Kraken Futures Trading Competition

trading competition
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Kraken Futures Trading Competition

“Celebrating Kraken Futures partnership: Gunbot trading competition”

A total prize of 10,000USD will be distributed among the 100 top traders that will submit their orders on Kraken Futures exchange using Gunbot.

Kraken Futures Trading Competition starts on 15 February 2020 at Midnight UTC and ends on 15 of March 2020 at Midnight UTC. The top 100 traders by volume will get percentual of share based on their trading volume following this formula: prize% = 100*User Trading Volume/ Total Gunbot Volume.

Trading Competition


Total Gunbot Volume in 30 days: 100,000.00USD

User Trading Volume in 30 days: 10,000.00USD

prize% = 100*10,000.00USD /100,000.00USD=10%

The user will receive a prize of 1,000USD

To collect user’s generated volume, a Special Edition of Gunbot will be released 45 minutes before Midnight UTC of 15 February 2020: this special edition will collect user’s volume generated with Gunbot licensed API Key and the user will be able to send information anonymously by defining a fictional “nickname” to use during the collection time. A ranking page of all users’ nicknames will be published at https://gunthy.org/ and will be automatically updated during the entire competition.

Further updates and complete TOS and Privacy agreement will be published at https:// gunthy.org/KrakenFuturesCompetition and at GUNTHY social channels.

Happy trading with Kraken Futures and Gunbot!



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