July 2021 Crypto Gunbot Tournament Interview Futures Winners

July 2021 Crypto Gunbot Tournament Interview Futures Winners

We interviewed the champions of the futures tournament. Let’s see what they can tell us to improve as crypto traders.

Why did you choose Gunbot as your bot for trading crypto?.

Dinir01:  easy to use, got recommended by a friend, and many good updates from the community.

RANDOMANGMOH1: I did like the licensing model.

CANI_FUTURES: I did like the idea that’s a permanent license and upgrades included.

Wit_1: I was searching over the internet for an automated bot with a “one purchase for lifetime license”. When you buy software, do you have to pay over again? At that time, many bots on the market were by monthly subscription, but only Gunbot had this offer. And honestly, I don’t regret it!.

PHYJEY_2: Been with GB for 4 years now. Best bot in the market. The community is very active and helpful.

TheBotLife: I purchased Gunbot back in 2017. While researching crypto mining I stumbled across a youtube about a few different bots out there. I started dabbling in custom script bots but they were very limited. When I stumbled on Gunbot I was sold immediately. Gunthy had great goals for the future and a community behind the product. All my friends thought I was crazy spending that kind of money for something that would control my money. Well, they still think I am crazy but who’s laughing now!.


What’s the best feature for you of Gunbot bot?.

Dinir01: 2 you can decide if you want to trade manual or use ac configs from the marketplace. Lots of community input for development.


CANI_FUTURES: For me, the fact that it works 24 hours a day, and the variety of add-ons that can be used depending on the state of the Market.

Wit_1: The best feature is Market Maker. Fully customizable works for Spot and Futures… All-in-one! What else?.

PHYJEY_2: Market Maker.

TheBotLife: The vast amount of customizability if you can dream it, it can come alive!.


What wallet size you started in the tournament?.

Dinir01: Balance was 30k but i trade very conservative as i got liquidated in February after taking out big gains.


CANI_FUTURES: 7400 USD at the start of the tournament.

WIT_1: 7000 USD.


TheBotLife: 1700 USD  and ended with 3255 USD.


What strategy did you use?

Dinir01: Motion of the Ocean with lifevest. Like previous times I had lots of good results with Livevest magic roe.



Wit_1: I used the MM Add-on along with ARS (AntiRekt Script from Bestnaf), with the FuturesGrid strategy from Pim for the “winning” account. On the other account, I used an Elliot Waves Oscillator based strategy.

PHYJEY_2: Using Q for Futures, and StepGrid for Spot.

TheBotLife: Futures tournament i used MM+ARS with a custom Motion of the Ocean using a mix of ARS parameters thanks to URI and FLO’s past testing. My starting balance was $1700 and ended the tournament with $3255.


What’s the feature you would like to be added to Gunbot?.

Dinir01: A better way of calculating close position as its closing too fast for my trading style. Hence why I used magic roe from lifevest ac.

RANDOMANGMOH1: Gunbot has many good features – i would like to see them cleaned up before adding more, Profit & Loss calculations for example.

CANI_FUTURES: For Futures, it should be left to the developers, since I have learned to handle some tools that so far have been profitable for me.

Wit_1: I would love to have additional API slots because we are limited to 5 currently with Ultimate (even if it’s far enough for most people). Another feature would be the awaited Flash Loans support, and of course, BitRage!.

PHYJEY_2: High-Frequency Trading (HFT).

TheBotLife: I would like to see an overall wallet balance be added to the gui so i don’t have to log into the exchanges as frequently to see what my estimated wallet balance is including all bags. I keep a spreadsheet to track this and would like to skip the daily Exchange login where possible.


What’s the most urgent need that needs to be Fixed or revamped?

Dinir01: A better way of calculating close position as it’s closing too fast for my trading style. Hence why I used magic roe from lifevest ac.

RANDOMANGMOH1: At the moment, for me, the license server. It is a vital point of failure. Thank goodness we have a responsive community to remedy any problems quickly.

CANI_FUTURES: Right now, I would not know what to say, because for me it contains the necessary tools.

Wit_1: I think the PNL part would need more love. I know it’s difficult because even Exchanges don’t have a consistent PNL page and calculation differs from one to another. If Gunbot could have an “all-in-one” reliable PNL page expressed in different currencies, it would be great!.

PHYJEY_2: None.

TheBotLife: Everything seems to be running smoothly up to this reléase. Great job everyone!.


Are you using any special add-on?

Dinir01: Lifevest from Zy0nbear.

RANDOMANGMOH1: I use ARS from time to time.

CANI_FUTURES: Yes, Anti Rekt Script.

Wit_1: Yes, I use Market Maker of course! And for Futures, I use Anti-Rekt Script (ARS), a separate add-on for Market Maker. Combined, they are very powerful and profitable! You can’t go back after that.

PHYJEY_2: Market Maker and AC.

TheBotLife: For Futures, MM+ARS.


What makes you decide to use an add-on for your Gunbot?.

Dini01: Autoconfig addon because of better roe and better dca on supres which is adjustable.

RANDOMANGMOH1: When I am away for several days or will not be able to monitor the bot i will run ARS.

CANI_FUTURES: Add-ons for Gunbot help to adapt more to the reality of the market, and automate operations even more.

WIT_1:  I wanted to unlock all functionalities of Gunbot. Many people were using Market Maker with comfortable results, so why not me? After having used it for several months. I can say I’m one of them now. Also for ARS, the customizable stop-loss is great wallet protection!.

PHYJEY_2: To improve the decision-making of the bot, looking for a steady strategy that can generate some constant profits.

TheBotLife: The extra layers of protection are amazing. The work that went into making ARS what it is today is worth the cost.


Thanks for the interview folks, you rock!.

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